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Poor quality of movement can result from repetitive motion in sport, placing athletes at risk for developing overuse injuries.  At F3S, we correct poor movement patterns by providing the perfect balance of mobility, stability, and control, thereby minimizing risk of injury.

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Strength & Conditioning

With a unique background of exercise science and sports performance, we offer a revolutionary approach for athletes to reach new heights in their athletic performance goals.


Human Movement

We know you have heard it all before…Our F3S team is here for you! Whether it be at one of our facilities, or through our online programming platform, we are here to bridge the gap and provide our athletes with the highest level of education and training.

Training the athletes of today | Preparing the athletes of tomorrow.

At F3S we are a family and we push each other to grow physically and mentally. We currently train athletes in the AHL and                                                                             NHL, and we are proud to see them succeed professionally.                                                                                                                                    

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